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Le Voiture Car Watcher


Why is the program called "Le Voiture Car Watcher?"

"Le Voiture", which rhymes with "Watcher", is French for what is followed in the program name by its literal translation, "Car." People will notice and keep their eye on an ad-covered car you drive, once you are accepted into and driving an ad-covered, company-sponsored vehicle. With Business Driveradvertising LLC's "Le Voiture Car Watcher" program, it’s a car people "watch" on the road – thus, "Le Voiture Car Watcher."Back to top

What exactly is the "Le Voiture Car Watcher program"?

The Business Driveradvertising LLC's "Le Voiture Car Watcher" program, as indicated in many ads, is this: No car, truck, or SUV payment on an ad-covered vehicle! The benefits are these: you drive a 2016 vehicle of this nature as your own, and pay only the Activation, insurance and gas. In many cases, even maintenance of this new vehicle is covered!

Or, you can opt to be a "paid driving applicant", where you are paid up to several hundred dollars or more per month in exchange for allowing the car you owned prior to participation in this program to be covered with an ad professionally done by a company advertiser. Back to top

If I already own or lease a car, can I still get an ad-covered car?

Yes, but your ad-covered car must be a car you drive every day, and you must be the main driver of the ad-covered car. Also, the mileage will be periodically checked on the car in line with meeting the designated mileage requirements.Back to top

What about insurance?

The terms of insurance varies. For a car that is initially your own, you would continue to pay the insurance, as you normally would. You will naturally be responsible to maintain the vehicle in good operating condition.

For an ad-covered car, generally speaking, you may be required to purchase the insurance through the sponsoring company. For either arrangement, you are required to carry the requisite amount of insurance designated by the sponsoring company.

If you are involved in an accident, or the car gets damaged or vandalized, you must contact the sponsor company within 24 hours, as per the company agreement.

In the unlikely event of this occurrence, it is in the best interest of both parties to get the vehicle back on the road quickly. Back to top

Tell me more about the Activation types – what are the Activation types?

There are 2 Activation types: Activation Deluxe and Activation Standard. An Activation type contains companies that, in turn, contact advertisers to which you are applying for an ad-covered car.

Activation Deluxe contains the maximum number of selected company applications. (The number of company applications for either activation type is subject to change.) Activation Deluxe contains all the applications from the Activation Standard package. A Le Voiture Car Watcher Activation per year is below the cost of multiple car, truck, or SUV payments over the course of a year. Purchase Activation Deluxe or Activation Standard Now
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How do I select among the Activation types?

In making your selection, you are to select only one of the Activation types. This requirement is because if you elect to change activation types, you will have to resubmit the corresponding fee according to the activation type you change to.

This requirement is because if you elect to change Activation types, you are generated a second username and password, and will have to resubmit the corresponding fee according to the Activation type you change to.

This is why many people opt for Activation Deluxe to begin with: All of the companies in Activation Standard are already in Activation Deluxe. Purchase Activation Deluxe or Activation Standard Now
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Can you tell me more about the company application process?

After you read the Contract, or Terms & Conditions of a company listed in the Activation type you select, you fill out a detailed personal profile of information regarding yourself, your driving background or profile, and other driving habits and information. Though your information is conveyed to both the companies and the advertisers, is kept private by the both the companies and the advertisers.

These profile questions ask for detailed information, but are generally not difficult to complete. For questions that you encounter in filling out a given profile, DO NOT contact Le Voiture Car Watcher for information, as a reply takes 6-12 weeks. The BEST way to obtain an answer is to contact, by e-mail, the company to which you are applying. The e-mail address is often listed on the "Contact Us" tab of the company’s information.

Some company applications allow you to briefly elaborate on why you would be an ideal candidate for an ad-covered vehicle, or why you would be an ideal paid driving applicant. The profile provides a highlight for advertisers to use in making a selection among applicants and put you in a vehicle, or cover your vehivle with an ad and make monthly payments to you. The companies to which you apply, not Le Voiture Car Watcher, determine applicant acceptance. Please note that Le Voiture Car Watcher in no way dispenses cars or guarantees any applicant that they will receive a vehicle. Each company makes that determination.

A variety of industries are represented in the advertisers that stand behind each company to which you apply, including Telecommunications, Sports, Software, Retail, Consumer Goods, Entertainment and more.Back to top

Can I apply to all the companies listed within an Activation type on Le Voiture Car Watcher?

A good question because some companies specify that you can only remain in a binding contract with them, in other words, one ad-sponsored vehicle per individual.

The concept of the general public driving ad-covered cars is relatively recent, but is expected to be around for quite a while into the future. Note, however, that since you have to be selected by any given company anyway, you may apply to all the companies listed in the Activation type you select.Back to top

How will they notify me that I have been selected for a vehicle?

If you have been selected by a company for their program, you will be notified by regular mail, e-mail or by telephone. You will be notified of where and when to pick up the new vehicle, or where to take your vehicle to be wrapped in a professionally done advertisement. You will be provided with contact information where you can get any additional questions answered.Back to top

If I move or change jobs, etc., will I still be allowed to retain the vehicle, or (in the case of paid driving applicants) the ad covering my own vehicle?

It is advised that you contact the sponsoring company as soon as you are aware that you will be making this type of change to your routine.Back to top

What about photos of the cars – what do the cars look like?

Some of the companies have a gallery of photos highlighting vehicles that have been covered with ads in the past as well as clients they have worked with in the past. The ad-covered vehicles are similar to the ad-covered buses you may have already seen driving into and around some cities. Ads covering the cars are unique. The car or ad you may be presented with may or may not be presented in the gallery of photos.Back to top

If I agree to have my car covered in an ad, does it matter what kind of car I have or what condition it is in?

No, all types of vehicles are eligible to enroll, including in most cases, convertibles. Even if your car is dented or the paint job is not great, you are still eligible to enroll in the ad-covered car program. At the time of installation, however, you may be required to sign a waiver to release the company from guaranteeing your paint job.Back to top

What is the material of the ad-covered wrap placed on the car?

The material is a high quality vinyl adhesive and is guaranteed not to damage the vehicle’s paint when removed. Some companies will sign a guarantee covering non-damage to the paint job of the car at the time of installation.Back to top

Who handles the maintenance of the vehicle? How often do I have to meet the maintenance requirements?

Mostly all, or at least some ad-sponsored companies require that you meet with a representative every so often to handle maintenance and to gather the statistics of the vehicle. A Global Positioning System (GPS) is often placed in the car to gather these statistics.

The frequency of maintenance and checking the statistical data (i.e. miles driven, etc.) is determined by and monitored by each company, and will be indicated in their requirements mentioned up front, or in requirements sent later to applicants. For either your own car or a company-sponsored vehicle, you will be responsible to maintain the vehicle in good operational order.Back to top

I am receiving an error "401…not authorized", though I have paid my Activation fee.

This error is the result of not using a powerful enough or upgraded enough computer. When you use a different computer, the login box should appear, where you then enter your username and password.Back to top

Where can I get additional questions answered?

A reply from Le Voiture Car Watcher takes 6-12 weeks, and is done by regular mail. You may want to see the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs) page of the companies to which you apply.

For questions, we strongly recommend that you correspond with the companies to which you are applying, as they can more fully and quickly answer your question(s) by e-mail. With us, if you elect to contact us, ALLOW 6-12 WEEKS FOR A REPLY IF YOU MAIL YOUR QUESTION(S) TO:
Le Voiture Car Watcher
P.O. Box 80114
Akron, Ohio 44308

At the address above, send us a photo of your ad-covered car!Back to top

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