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Le Voiture Car Watcher

Getting Started

Advertising on ad-covered automobiles is revolutionizing advertising and is as effective as pre-established mediums such as billboards, direct mail and ad-covered buses.

With Business Driveradverstising LLC's "Le Voiture Car Watcher", your success in obtaining one of these ad-covered vehicles depends on more than your purchase of an Activation type. It depends on your willingness to provide information to company applications to your best ability, and where applicable, briefly provide an additional summary regarding why you are an ideal candidate.

Once you are prepared to fill out the profile and apply, it will be listed as “Application form”, “Enrollment” or “Enrollment form”, “Registration”, “Driver Registration”, or “Sign up”.

Fill out the form completely at the time that you are applying. Some company applications, however, allow you to make changes and updates at any time or at a later date.

It is suggested that you read the contract first. Reading the contract first helps your chances. Why?

Just as you enter a “contract” to pay for a regular car, remember that companies sponsoring ad-covered cars or paying you as a “paid driving applicant” are entering you into a “contract” agreement.

Reading the “Contract”, or “Terms & Conditions” first also allows you to become even more informed on their application process. From that information, you can be forthcoming in a truthful and accurate manner about information on your application. You can also pick up on what is important and key to obtaining a vehicle with a given company. The application and process of selection by a given company can take from 60 to 180+ days.

For a company within an activation type that provides only general rules of conduct, be prepared to read specific details on each program that are outlined in a Driver Contract Agreement, Terms & Conditions, or Contract that you will receive once you are selected for their program. They will then describe to you all of the legally binding terms and conditions, and if you meet the requirements, you may undergo media training and other orientation on the advertiser’s products or services.

Once an Activation is Purchased (Activation Deluxe or Activation Standard), and you are ready to apply to receive a car or monthly cash, you, the Activation participant, are to:

  1. Click on “Login” at the top line of the Le Voiture Car Watcher website.
  2. Enter the username and password for Activation Deluxe or Activation Standard, depending on which Activation type that was purchased.
  3. Upon successful login, you, the Activation participant, are now presented with the modules to which you can apply.
  4. Click on one of the modules representing companies to which you can apply to for cars or monthly cash.
  5. Within the module, first read one or more of the following, as applicable: the company’s “Contract”, “Application form”, “Terms & Conditions”, “Driver Contract agreement”, “Enrollment”,“Registration”, “Enrollment form”, “Driver Registration”, "Sign up", "who qualifies", or similarly-titled contractual information of that nature.
  6. From the module’s home page, (Remember, a module is a website with the application and a specified purpose above and beyond simply providing information), identify where to fill out the online application with a profile of your driver’s information.  It varies with each module.
  7. Finalize the application process with your information as requested.
  8. Go to the next module and repeat the process to apply.

The company or companies contained within a module to which an Activation participant applies determine applicant acceptance, not Le Voiture Car Watcher.  Le Voiture Car Watcher in no way dispenses cars or guarantees any applicant that they will receive a car or monthly cash.  Each company within a module makes that determination.

How does a company select me?

After you apply, companies match the needs of their advertisers to the areas or zip codes in which they want their ad-covered vehicle to be driven. Let’s say that an advertiser is trying to reach teens. That advertiser would then search the database for teens in the zip code they are looking to target. If an advertiser wants their ad-covered vehicle displayed in a given area and you live or work in that area, you might be selected.

For additional questions, we strongly recommend that you correspond with the companies to which you are applying, as they can more fully and quickly answer your question(s) by e-mail. With us, if you elect to contact us, ALLOW 6-12 WEEKS FOR A REPLY IF YOU MAIL YOUR QUESTION(S) TO:

Le Voiture Car Watcher

P.O. Box 80114

Akron, Ohio 44308

Please note that any false statements or withholding of information are grounds for termination from ad-sponsored company agreements. Be truthful and forthcoming in terms of the information you provide – the next driver could be you!

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